Who's She? Review (Playeress)

Who's She?
What It Is

Who's She? from Playeress challenges players to put their knowledge of some of the most prominent women throughout history to the test. Essentially this plays like the classic two-player guessing game, Guess Who?, only this game teaches players about the lives and accomplishments of the real-life females you've got to guess. 

There are 28 women featured on the game boards, which the company says it selected to showcase diversity across multiple professions, nationalities, ages, and more (never an easy feat). 

Game Setup:

The game takes only minutes to set up. Simple remove the board from the box and ensure all the panels on your game board are face up. Then shuffle up the Biography cards and draw one for each player. Be sure to keep the identity of your selected female hidden from your opponent. There is a slot at the front of your game board, where you can place your Biography Card for the round.

The Gameplay: 

Gameplay is exactly as you'd imagine, only the real fun of it is that you are guessing the female figures based on their accomplishments, not their appearance (Can you imagine?). This makes the gameplay more thought-provoking, in our opinion. 

For first-time players, thinking up questions based on accomplishments might seem tricky but Playeress actually makes it super easy. No fear if you haven't studied up on your women's history knowledge! The handy biography cards give you a great amount of info about your secret character, and the fun facts and symbols correspond to those on the game boards. These icons describe the women's professions, achievements, as well as additional characteristics. The icons help players to generate thoughtful Yes/No questions to narrow down potential women.For example: a question such as "Was she a chemist?" can quickly help you to narrow down your results to two candidates, Madame Maria Sklodowska-Curie and Alice Ball. Thus, gameplay can also be quick or slow depending on the questions. 

The first player to correctly guess their opponent's female figure wins the game. 

Is It Fun?

Who's She? offers an easy gamified way to learn as well as teach others about famous female figures throughout history and do so without relying on appearances. For example, a figure such as Frida Kahlo might be notably recognizable for her prominent brow, but did you know she suffered from multiple illnesses which confined her to paint from her bed?

Honestly, we found it equally satisfying to read through the Biography Cards on their own and learn about some women in history that we weren't as familiar with. And this is exactly the point of this game!

From a design perspective, this game is also beautifully designed. It uses high-quality materials throughout, which mean it's also a great durable gift option as well.

Who It’s For

WHo's She? is designed for players ages 6 and up. The content is easy to understand and the icons act as helpful aids for players young and old. We think that there's a good reason this game was backed on Kickstarter and surpassed its funding goal by 3300 %.  It's a great tool to not only inspire female players to pursue their interests but tests players' knowledge of these mighty women. That said, we can see how this game could appeal more to girls/women more than men, even though it can and should be played by all genders.

What To Be Aware Of

As mentioned, gameplay goes quick, which can be a good thing or a bad thing in terms of using as a tool to retain the info about the figures.

Through our play-testing we discovered that while wood makes for beautiful, well-structured game components, because this game is uncoated it can leave behind a a dusty residue so it's best not to play on tablecloths or similar surfaces. 

Note: this game does come at a higher price-point due to the quality of the game components.

The game is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, and Dutch versions. 

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