BloChair Kids Review (B&D Group)

BloChair Kids
What It Is

Inflatable furniture comes in this new BloChair seat perfect for children or adults! The one shown here is pink, but other colors are available for purchase. It's an instant chair that can be inflated for use anywhere and it's filled with  pink holographic foil glitter! There are two holes that you'll need to use to inflate. They suggest using a blow dryer on cool to inflate your chair. We used a powered machine, which got better results. A blow dryer adapter is also included if you decide to use a blowdryer. The BloChair is just as comfortable as a bean bag chair and strong enough to hold up to 250lbs- so adults can enjoy this as well.  These are great to add indoors or outdoors; bedroom, dorms, living room, outside deck, beach and so much more. These are 100% waterproof so no need to worry about water damage.

Is It Fun?

Easy to inflate with a machine and they're comfortable! Can make any room glitter-worthy.

Who It’s For

Those who enjoy anything glittery or a stylish seat to call their own will enjoy the BloChair. It also makes for a great gift or addition to anyone's home. It's also nice that they are easy to deflate so they can be taken where ever you go. 

What To Be Aware Of

Even though these are easy to deflate, when inflated these may take up some space in smaller homes.

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