Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Popcorn Party Review (Hasbro)

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Popcorn Party
What It Is

This set comes with the popcorn machine with many delicious mold shapes of snacks, three popcorn containers, two sets of card idea creations, a few other tools to help along the way, and 6 cans of  Play-Doh. Colors include brown, yellow, two white containers, a small green one, and a small blue one. Children can ultimately create whatever they want, but for those who need the creative push, Hasbro included two sets of cards with creations on both sides that your child will be able to create.  There is some assembly required-such as putting the popcorn machine together- but once that is all done the fun can begin! In order to begin cranking out the popcorn, you'll need to twist off the top, place the Play-Doh inside, and then twist back to make the popcorn squeeze out. For more fun you can add multiple colors.

Is It Fun?

Keeps kids busy since they can create what they want . It encourages pretend play , plus being creative and more Play-Doh can be purchased separately.

Who It’s For

Children who enjoy Play-Doh in general will enjoy the Popcorn Party playset. It will definitely be a hit for those children who are foodies themselves as they can pretend to create festive popcorn for themselves and friends.

What To Be Aware Of

As much fun as Play-Doh is, it's still pretty messy and I would keep an eye on smaller children when they are playing with this.

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