FurReal Grooming Salon Review (Hauck)

FurReal Grooming Salon
What It Is

The salon is perfect for on the go fun with its stylish carrying case. A handle is located on the top for easy carrying, there's a front that can open and close, and you can unlatch the case from both sides to take off the whole top. This allows you to smoothly use the salon.

The Grooming Salon includes a spa-tub, showerhead, hairdryer with sound, hairbrush, storage compartments, built in food bowls, and all fun accessories. There are 11 accessories to add to the imaginative play. There's a showerhead, hair dryer, scissor, brush, shampoo & conditioner bottles, feeding bottle & 4 treats. The Fur Real pet grooming salon allows kids to have a relaxing day at the spa, pampering their pet with a bath and some treats.

This salon is well-organized; each accessory has its very own placeholder. Additional storage compartments include a small front drawer for special treats.

One thing to note is that no FurReal pet is included. You can also fit your small FurReal pet inside and take him on the road.  Also note that a large FurReal pet will not fit in this set unless he's just outside of the set or the top is completely off. 

Is It Fun?

The case is easy to travel with . Storage is available and it gives kids new ways to use their imagination.

Who It’s For

Kids who have a FurReal pet will love how the Grooming Salon can give them a new way to use their imaginations. Even if your child doesn't have a FurReal pet you can purchase one so it can be included in a double whammy present!

What To Be Aware Of

Latching the top back on can be a bit tricky.

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