Urban Bundleme Review (JJ Cole)

Urban Bundleme
What It Is

JJ Cole's popular Urban Bundleme has been redesigned with safety updates and modern styling for the product's 20th anniversary. If you're not familiar with the Bundleme, it's a bunting bag for car seats and strollers, designed to keep baby warm without worrying about a blanket staying on.

This new version features a removable back panel when used with car seats so that baby's back rests directly on the back of the car seat. And the design allows the safety straps to rest directly on the child. The zip-front cover can be lowered or removed, or you can undo the fully functional buttons going down the front for some temperature control to keep baby comfy. The hood on top can also be removed. A small pocket on the front keeps small items handy.

The interior of the Bundleme is faux shearling with a polyester nylon exterior that protects against wind and rain.

To install in a car seat, you'd remove the back panel and place the Bundleme on the car seat so that the top of the back panel hole is even with the shoulder straps. Pull the shoulder straps through and pull the belt buckle through one of the two bottom buckle slots. Then, use the T-strap elastic bands to secure the Bundleme in place around the car seat.

If installing in a stroller, thread the stroller straps through the appropriate slot on the back panel and pull the bottom buckle through one of the two bottom buckle slots. Use the T-strap elastic bands to secure the Bundleme around the seat.

Why Is It Useful?

There was an issue with the original Bundleme not being safe to use in a car seat while in the car. However, the removable back panel on this new version changes all of that because now there's nothing getting in the way between your baby and the car seat. (Parents who cut out the back portion of their original Bundlemes already figured this one out.) So if you were or are concerned about safety, JJ Cole has heard you and has updated the design. There are a lot of different styles to choose from for an aesthetically pleasing look, and the interior fabric is super soft and cozy for baby.

Who It’s For

The Urban Bundleme comes in two sizes, an infant size for babies up to 12 months or 30 inches in length and a toddler size for children from 1 to 3 years.

What To Be Aware Of

This is machine washable.

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