Lunch Pets Review (Wicked Cool Toys)

Lunch Pets
What It Is

Lunch Pets from Wicked Cool Toys are machine washable lunch boxes that not only stores your child's lunch, but are designed to double as a child's plush pal. The insulated lining keeps hot food hot and cold food cool. There are four fuzzy pets to choose from: Yumicorn, resembling an adorable unicorn; Munchosaur which looks like a dinosaur; HungryPup, an adorable blue dog; and SnackyCat, a purple kitty. All Lunch Pets feature a convenient carry handle with an easy-to-snap closure.  Name tags are also available to write your child's name on, so you don't confuse them with other Lunch Pets.

Is It Fun?

Kids will love being able to take a "toy" to school. It also helps that their new pet has food for them inside. 

It's also nice that they can take their Lunch Pet on a plane, car, train or playdate so it's also a great functional on-the-go toy.

Parents will, of course, like that it's machine washable---a necessary feature when totting around food.

Who It’s For

Lunch Pets are for ages birth-4. Lunch Pets will be your child's brand new friend, because it's not only a fun fuzzy pet but also a lunch box. Children will enjoy being able to pack their food in these cute casings, and may even be a bit better about keeping their lunch boxes with them at all times---perfect for young preschoolers and day-campers.

What To Be Aware Of

The inside is either the perfect size or too small to pack your child's lunch, depending what you pack. 

 Even though these are machine washable and not dryer friendly, depending on how dirty the Lunch Pets get you may have to continuously wash them.

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