Geomag Safari Park Magicube Review (Geomagworld)

Geomag Safari Park Magicube
What It Is

Magicube is a great little first building set for your little ones. The Geomagworld Safari Park Magicube set includes 14 magnetic cubes with graphics printed on all sides and two task cards with four different building ideas. Children will be able to build four safari animals: a giraffe, lion, camel or bird. What makes Magicube great  is that it features a special design that allows the blocks to connect on all six sides making structures easy and fun to create.

Kids use the invisible and magical forces of magnetism to create shapes, 3-D structures, or even just simple stacking-taking building blocks to creative new heights.

Is It Fun?

Building sets are always fun but add the magic of magnets and it just spices things up a bit more. In this set, children as young as 18 months can also get introduced to beginner STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts.  We also like that the pieces are easy for small hands to carry and build and because there are four different animals to build there's repeat play value to this set. It's simply fun hands-on play that helps children develop their imaginations. 

Who It’s For

Geomagworld Safari Park Magicube is for ages 18 months and up. It will appeal to parents looking to introduce early STEM concepts to little ones as well as those looking for a frustration-free building set that's easy for kids to do on their own.

What To Be Aware Of

We wish there were more cards of animals to build or more magnetic cubes. Kids can't move them around too much if standing since they will break apart.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

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