Cabbage Patch Kids Dance Time Review (Wicked Cool Toys)

Cabbage Patch Kids Dance Time
What It Is

The new Cabbage Patch Kids Dance Time are petite Cabbage Patch Kids available in new sets, which are sold separately. Both dolls shown in this review are brown-eyed newborn babies decked out in gorgeous pink tutus with matching headbands. Their dresses are removable, as is their headband. Each stands at roughly nine-inches tall. Both dolls look exactly the same, however, one thing is different and that is their names.

Our first baby is Carrie Brooke born on August 19 at 5 a.m. Then there's Eleanor Desiree born on April 17 at 7 a.m. Both were born in Babyland General Hospital. 

Is It Fun?

Cabbage Patch dolls have been around for years, and itís safe to say that your child will love these, too. They are great to get your child to roleplay and act out fun scenarios she/he sees mom and dad do. And since these Cabbage Patch Kids are called the Dance Time dolls, your child might have a new dance partner for life! We also like that the dolls are small enough to carry around and additional clothes can be purchased.

Who It’s For

The new Cabbage Patch Kids Dance Time are for ages 2 and up. They are a perfect first baby doll for little ones and especially those that also love to roleplay and dress up their babies. Doll collectors would also enjoy these dolls.

What To Be Aware Of

Once the headband is removed, it will be hard to stay on her head afterwards on its own.

The names of all Cabbage Patch Kids dolls vary and there are other Dance Time dolls available in different colored tutus, too.

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