Pop Pops Snotz and Pop Pops Pets Review (Yulu)

Pop Pops Snotz and Pop Pops Pets
What It Is

Popping bubble wrap is fun. Playing with slime is fun. Bring the two together with the super tactile Pop Pops line of collectible toys. For gross-out fun, there's Pop Pops Snotz, and for more cutesy collectibility, there's Pop Pops Pets. Each Deluxe Pack includes 12 bubbles to pop, and as you pop each bubble, you'll definitely find slime, but you'll also find four hidden characters. In each series, there are common, rare, super rare, and special edition characters to collect. An included collector's guide helps you keep track of the 60 characters available. 

The Pop Pops Snotz characters are a little on the gross side. You might find superhero-inspired characters like a green giant named Gunk in the Trunk or a beach lifeguard named Sandy Puke. The green slime in this series is really gooey.

The Pop Pops Pets series includes cute animal characters, such as Princess Piggy and Christmas Llama. The pink and purple slime in these bubbles is a little thicker and "fluffier". 

Is It Fun?

Pop Pops takes unboxing to a whole new level. It's so satisfying to pop the bubbles, but there's also a surprise element with the hidden characters. Even though the popping is a one-time thing, you still get slime and fun figures to play with after. This will be fun for kids who like playing with slime and collecting small toys.

Who It’s For

Pop Pops are for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each package has cardboard pieces that you can punch out. We thought they'd be for use in the free Pop Pops app game, but they're not. The app is just a way to pop and collect digital versions of the characters. And while we're talking about the app, one set of packaging that we received did not include information about downloading it, while the second package did. So if you get a package without the sticker, now you know what to do.

The app contains ads that you have to pay to avoid.

All slime should be stored in a sealed container to keep it clean and from drying out. 

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