Jewl Orthodontic Silicone Pacifier Review (Boon)

Jewl Orthodontic Silicone Pacifier
What It Is

The new Jewl Orthodontic Silicone Pacifier is truly a gem. That's because the nipples on the Jewl are unlike any you may have seen before. Their unique gem shape helps encourage proper tongue placement. And the flared shield allows baby to freely move his jaw, which keeps airways open and provides a comfier suck. A handle on the shield gives baby a spot to grab.

The one-piece silicone design is durable, as well as dishwasher- and sanitizer-safe. There are three sizes to accommodate a baby's developing palette: one for ages birth and up, another for ages 3 months and up, and the last for ages 6 months and up.

These also come in four colors: coral, plum, teal, and mint. They are sold in two-packs.

Why Is It Useful?

These pacifiers could be a comforting and comfortable way to soothe baby. We like that the unique design promotes natural oral development. If that's something that concerns you when it comes to pacifier usage, then you also might like the Jewl's gem shape.

Who It’s For

There are three different sizes of the Jewl, accommodating the developing palettes of babies from birth and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Boon says these pacifiers were designed with the help of a pediatric dentist.

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