Lucky Fortune Toys Review (WowWee)

Lucky Fortune Toys
What It Is

Crack open a little bit of luck with Lucky Fortune, a new collectible toy line with lucky charms and paper fortunes hidden inside toy fortune cookies. Crack open the cookie to reveal your charm and "wear your luck" as you accessorize with your new charm bracelet. The paper fortune will say something like, "You can have your unicorn cake and eat it too" along with six "lucky" numbers. The cookie can be closed back up, and it has an attached loop for securing it to a key ring, belt loop, or backpack.

The cookies have pink, green, blue, or purple dipped tips, and it's always a surprise to see what charm is inside. There are more than 100 charms to collect spanning a variety of categories, including love, adventure, friendship, success, and happiness. Some of the charms are lucky, very lucky, and very very lucky, and then there's the ultra lucky gold-dipped charm.

The collector's guide doubles as a paper fortune teller game. If you don't know how to play, one person manipulates the paper fortune teller. Another person asks a question, and then picks a symbol or number shown on the outside flaps of the fortune teller to reveal the answer. The fortune teller gets opened and closed that number of times, and then the questioner picks another number from the choices shown. Open the numbered flap to see what it says. There are positive, negative, and neutral answers.

Is It Fun?

These charms are really cute. The whole Lucky Fortune line offers a fun surprise in opening up the cookies, as well as fashionable accessories for kids to wear. Layer them on your wrist to display your whole collection or cycle through a new one each day. If you like wearing jewelry and collecting toys, then you'll have fun collecting these charms and wearing them to show off your luck. 

Who It’s For

Lucky Fortune is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There are no instructions for how to fold the paper fortune and play the game.

These are available in single-packs and four-packs.

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