Drop Dots Love Em's Review (Kess)

Drop Dots Love Em's
What It Is

They're super squishy and rubbery. What's not to love about the tactile play of Love Em's? Kess' new Drop Dots Love Em's feature fun characters to collect, including a cactus, unicorn, puppy, penguin, pineapple, and narwhal. Each one is made with Drop Dot material and slow-rising foam to make the toys super soft and squishy, but also covered in rubbery dots. It kind of looks like frosting squeezed from a pastry bag. 

The characters all have their own names and special characteristics that kids can read about on the Kess website. For instance, Buttercup the cactus loves hugs, except she's really prickly. And Noodles the puppy wears Drop Dots headphones because she loves music.

Is It Fun?

Kids will have fun collecting the designs and characters that they like best, although it would be nice if more of the character information was provided on the hangtag so that music-loving kids, say, could more easily identify the Noodles the puppy as their spirit animal. And some kids will just want to collect them all because they like collecting and they like slow-rise toys. The combination of tactile elements on Love Em's definitely makes them stand out from other slow-rise toys.

Who It’s For

Love Em's are for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There are six Love Em's to collect, and each one is sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Collectability