Blipblox Review (Playtime Engineering LLC)

What It Is

Set kids on the path of musical exploration with Blipblox. This fully functioning synthesizer is designed for little DJs ages 3 and up, giving kids an easy way to explore electronic music while using pro-ready features, such as MIDI support, multiple modulation filters, and an integrated drum machine. What does all of that mean? You don't have to know to use the Blipblox! Just turn it on and start moving the colorful knobs to make music. And while the music plays, the Blipblox lights up with a synchronized LED light show. 

While this is about exploration for younger kids, each button does have a specific job. There's a tempo sequencer lever that changes the speed of the music, while the opposite filter lever makes the sound smoother. The two green knobs are the amplifier envelope release knob that fades the sound and the volume knob. There's a blue sequencer button that selects the melody, and a sound freak button that adds fun sounds. A kick drum button plays a kick beat, and a snare drum button plays a snare beat. A randomizer button changes random parts of the music. The filter control button changes the amount of modulation to the filter. There are also three oscillator buttons, two LFO knobs, two oscillator modulator knobs, and a modulation envelope attack knob. Despite there being information on what this last grouping of buttons and knobs do, we don't understand what any of it means.

There are also arrows printed on the Blipblox to show signal flow. Green lines show the flow of the music, red lines show the flow of the audio, and blue lines show the flow of the control signals.

Ports on the back of the Blipblox allow you to connect the synthesizer to a MIDI cord, external MIDI keyboard, or external MIDI sequencer.

Is It Fun?

This definitely encourages exploration for young kids. With so many knobs to turn and buttons to press, it's a great fine motor skills workout, and little kids will like listening and watching to see what happens with each twist and push. If you're a parent who understands the technology behind how it all works, then you'll be able to impart that knowledge to your child. You might even want to use this for yourself. But no matter what level of technological understanding you have, the Blipblox will still be a fun experiment in music-making for you and your kids.

Who It’s For

Blipblox is for ages 3 and up, but because it is a real musical instrument, it could even be used by adults.

What To Be Aware Of

Blipblox comes with three AA batteries, a DC-USB power cord, and a quick start guide.

Do not use this with headphones.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AA batteries required