Toy Story 4 Minis Series 2 Review (Mattel)

Toy Story 4 Minis Series 2
What It Is

Expanding the toy line for the the latest film in the Toy Story franchise,  Toy Story 4, Mattel introduces another series of Toy Story 4 Mini Collectibles. 

Like series one, this assortment also contains 12 different Toy Story 4 characters to collect. Each is two-inches tall or shorter, and each comes blind-packaged in these little bags. Thus, it's always a surprise to find out what character you'll get inside. 

Like the first series, there are some classics characters, such as Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and Slinky Dog. But you can also collect newcomers like Forky, which is rare; Benson the ventriloquist dummy, Giggles McDimples, and others. Some of the figures are also posable.

Is It Fun?

If you've got a Toy Story fan, these pint-sized toys are ideal for play on the go; just toss them in your bag and you are ready to create your own Toy Story moments on the move. The price-points are also low enough that you can collect a bunch at once.

Who It’s For

The Toy Story 4 Minis Series 2 collectibles are for fans of the new movie as well as tried-and-true Toy Story fans, ages 3 and up. 

What To Be Aware Of

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Each figure comes blind-bagged and is sold separately.

One thing we found kind of frustrating about these blind-bags, as can often happen with any blind-bagged toys, is you can often end up with multiples of the same characters. This happened to us with Bo Peep.

Some figures do not stand well on their own.

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