Toki Dough Wakugami Pop Art Review (Relevant Play)

Toki Dough Wakugami Pop Art
What It Is

Make your artwork pop with the Toki Dough Wakugami Pop Art set. This uses the colorful Toki Dough compound and several shaping tools to create 3-D works of art that you can display on a screen frame. 

Here's how it works: choose your color of Toki Dough. The choices are red, yellow, green, and blue. Additional colors are sold separately. Roll it out on the tray. Then pick one of the shaped "pop" tools: square, triangle, heart, big circle, or little circle. With the screen over your flattened dough, push the shaping tool down through the screen to the tray. Pull up the tool and you'll see the dough has popped through the screen. It will stay that way until you peel it off. 

Combine the shapes to create dough art of animals, vehicles, and more. You can even layer colors for more depth to your art. 

Is It Fun?

This has a cool look, and it's certainly a creative art kit that lets kids pretty much design and pop whatever they want. There are some pictures on the box to provide inspiration, but the lack of specific instructions leaves the creation open to imagination.

Who It’s For

The Wakugami Pop Art is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This includes six shaping tools, four Toki Dough colors, a Pop Art frame, and a Pop Art tray.

There are a couple things we wish were different about this toy. First, the instructions could have been a little clearer. Maybe tutorial videos will appear on the Relevant Play website or YouTube channel soon? And second, the narrowness of the rolling pin made it difficult to work with. Also, the dough didn't wipe cleanly off our screen, so we rinsed it off with water and a paper towel. 

The Toki Dough compound is wheat-, gluten-, and casein-free.

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