Butterfly Farm Review (Insect Lore)

Butterfly Farm
What It Is

Watch the wonder of metamorphosis happen inside your very own Butterfly Farm. This brand new butterfly habitat is a limited-edition version designed especially for Insect Lore's 50th anniversary. It comes with a cup of five baby caterpillars and their food, plus a pop-up habitat with ultra-clear panel so you can watch what's happening and then eventually view the Painted Lady Butterflies that the caterpillars become. A tuck-away panel on the habitat shows kids the four stages of metamorphosis, giving them a science lesson while they watch and wait for the caterpillars to grow and then transform into butterflies. 

You'll have to wait seven to 10 days for the caterpillars to become chrysalides, hanging from the lid of the caterpillar cup. Then, you can place the lid into the deluxe chrysalis station log and place that inside the habitat. Now the butterflies will be inside the habitat when they hatch, which should take another seven to 10 days.

Once the Painted Lady Butterflies have hatched, feed them by mixing the sugar packets with water and dripping it onto the butterfly feeder sponge every day. The butterflies can also be fed fresh fruit. After a week of enjoying the grown butterflies, you should release them into the wild.

Is It Fun?

Growing butterflies is such a fun lesson in biology and nature. Whether you're using this in the classroom or at home, kids will be fascinated watching the caterpillars go through their life stages. You can always buy more caterpillars and reuse the habitat, so this could become an activity that parents and kids do together every spring and summer.

Who It’s For

The Butterfly Farm is for curious kids ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Daytime temperatures in your area must be above 55 degrees and below 85 degrees, otherwise your caterpillars may not survive their journey to you.

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