Transformers Cyberverse Rocket Roar Grimlock and Matrix Mega Shot Optimus Prime Review (Hasbro)

Transformers Cyberverse Rocket Roar Grimlock and Matrix Mega Shot Optimus Prime
What It Is

Bring scenes from the Cyberverse to life with Transformers Cyberverse action figures of Rocket Roar Grimlock and Matrix Mega Shot Optimus Prime. Each figure transforms and features signature action attack moves. 

Rocket Roar Grimlock is a 7.5-inch figure that goes from robot to dinosaur in 14 steps. Once converted, you can activate Grimlock's Rocket Roar action attack: a plastic fire projectile will launch from the dinosaur's mouth, while scaly flames pop up on the dinosaur's back. Push the projectile back in to reset and do the action again.

Matrix Mega Shot Optimus Prime is an 11.5-inch action figure that transforms from robot to truck in 11 steps. In its converted mode, you'll be able to activate the Matrix Mega Shot attack feature. Press down on the top of the truck to make a matrix pop out, and then roll the truck around to make the matrix spin. You can also make the attack feature work in robot mode by pressing down on the buttons at the shoulders to pop out the matrix, and then manually spinning the wheel on the robot's right side to make the matrix spin.

Is It Fun?

The Rocket Roar Grimlock action figure was surprisingly easy to transform, though it wasn't always easy to activate the attack feature as shown in the instructions. The Optimus Prime figure was not easy to transform, nor could we get the matrix piece to lock back into place on two different action figures. After some searching online, we found a solution to depress the button on the inside while rolling the matrix back into the robot. 

With that said, if you like Transformers and have the patience to work through these issues, these action figures could be fun for playing out action-packed scenarios or just to display.

Who It’s For

These action figures are for Transformers fans ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Transformers Cyberverse figure is sold separately.

The transformation of Grimlock was pretty easy. We thought it was difficult to press the button that activates Grimlock's attack feature.

The picture instructions for transforming Optimus Prime were difficult to follow, and we had trouble getting the matrix chest piece to reset.

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