Ritzy Rollerz Review (TOMY)

Ritzy Rollerz
What It Is

Get ready to roll into fun with the new collectible toy line Ritzy Rollerz. It combines animals with vehicles and fun customization thanks to Ritzy Wheel Charms. Each Ritzy Roller is unique, with glitter accents, fuzzy textures, and real hair. You can customize them by mixing and matching the charms on their real-rolling wheels. Open up their booty trunks to find out which surprise charms are inside. 

There are several ways to collect Ritzy Rollerz. Heelz on Wheelz and Sprinklez on Wheelz are two playsets for the Ritzy Rollerz. Each one includes a Ritzy Rollerz character vehicle in a playset-exclusive design and 16 surprise charms. Open up Heelz on Wheelz to see where Helena Heelz and the other characters go to shop for shoes. There are three sections to the playset, including space for displaying charms and a pass-through from cash register to mirror. Donut Dani's playset opens up to reveal a donut shop, also with 16 charms. There are also three sections to this playset, including opening drawers for storage, a slide-out ramp, and donut display case, plus a cute little umbrella table. Each playset has lots of storage space inside for additional charms. 

You get two Ritzy Rollerz and 16 charms in the Besties sets. These include the fuzzy Groovy Gabby with glittery Cheery Cherry and rainbow-haired Tori TaDa with yeti-horned Sofia Serv. 

And the 4Ever Friends set includes four Ritzy Rollerz and 28 charms. This set includes exclusive versions of Cheery Cherry, Sofia Serv, Groovy Gabby, and Frenchy Braid. There's a lot of glitter, fuzziness, and flowing hair in this set.

Is It Fun?

These are a really cute way to combine vehicle play, hair play, and collectible play for girls who like it all. Collecting the characters and charms is fun on its own. Kids can create different adventures for their Ritzy Rollerz and have fun mixing and matching the wheel charms. But the playsets open up even more imaginative play, giving kids space to store and display their charms while playing out more specific storylines about shopping and baking.

Who It’s For

Ritzy Rollerz are for ages 4 and up. If you've got a kid who likes animals, cars, and food, then that kid might have a blast collecting and playing with these.

What To Be Aware Of

Heelz on Wheelz and Sprinklez on Wheelz are both sold separately for $14.99. The 4Ever Friends pack retails for $21.99. And the Besties two-packs are $11.99.

Sometimes it can be hard to remove the wheel charms from the wheels.

There are very short Ritzy Rollerz episodes on YouTube where kids can learn more about the characters and see the toys in action.

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