Juku 3D Printing Pen Set and 3Doodler EDU STEM Accessory Kit Review (3Doodler)

Juku 3D Printing Pen Set and 3Doodler EDU STEM Accessory Kit
What It Is

There are two new ways for kids to get creative and engage in STEM/STEAM play. 3Doodler's Juku 3D Printing Pen Set and 3Doodler EDU STEM Accessory Kit offer 3-D printing pen experiences to kids with more of an educational, STEM focus.

The Juku 3D Printing Pen Set is a collaboration with Office Depot, part of the retailer's collection of Juku STEAM activity kits. The 3D Printing Pen Set features a special Juku version of the 3Doodler Create+ Pen, plus two packages of PLA plastic filament. There's a full-color The Ultimate Guide to Doodling booklet with information on how to use the pen and a few stencils to get kids started: Eiffel Tower, Geometric Coasters, a Cherry Bowl, a Candle Holder, and an Origami Crane. There's also a black-and-white instruction guide with a little more of a how-to that gets kids familiar with using the pen.

For kids who already have a pen, either the 3Doodler Start or 3Doodler Create+, they can use the 3Doodler EDU STEM Accessory Kit to create models with moving parts and interlocking pieces. Silicone ball-and-socket joint and interlocking pieces molds are included. For both molds, there are color booklets with picture ideas of what kids can create. Using the ball-and-socket joint mold, kids can create a snake, a five-axis arm, an articulated hand, and a geodesic dome. Turn the booklet over to find blueprints of a hinged box and a tripod card holder. The ideas for the interlocking pieces are of shapes, letters, a helical wind turbine, and a DNA model. A blueprint for creating a marble rollercoaster is included.

Is It Fun?

There's so much that kids can create with the 3Doodler 3-D pens. But there's also going to be a learning curve to creating with the pens, especially when using the molds, and in fact, the STEM Accessory Kit has a high difficulty level. But learning how to use the pen and experimenting with what you can create is all part of the fun. For kids with an interest in 3-D printing, the Juku kit makes it more accessible for the everyday user. And for kids who are already familiar with using the pen, the STEM Accessory Kit is a nice add-on that gives kids the opportunity to make even more cool things.

Who It’s For

The Juku 3D Printing Pen Set is for ages 12 and up. The 3Doodler EDU STEM Accessory Kit is for ages 8 and up. Kids who have the patience to learn how to use the pen and create different things will enjoy the experimentation with each of these 3Doodler sets.

What To Be Aware Of

The Juku kit also includes a power adaptor and maintenance tools. Even though the pen in this kit is basically a 3Doodler Create+ pen, it has some differences from the original pen, and the instructions are still written as though it was a Create+ pen. Instead of there being ABS and PLA settings, the choices are low and high.

The STEM Accessory Kit does not include a pen.

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