Stranger Things The Upside Down Review (LEGO)

Stranger Things The Upside Down
What It Is

It's here! The new LEGO Stranger Things Upside Down 75810 set has officially arrived.

Stranger Things - Hopper Dancing

When LEGO first unveiled that it was working with Netflix to bring to life the fan-favorite, creep-tactic series, Stranger Things fans everywhere freaked out before the toys even launched. So, you can only imagine the excitement when this LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down set entered TTPM headquarters.

The Build

As you build this 2,287-piece set, there are bonus details for fans to the building experience. For example, the sticker sheets feature upside-down numbering. Within the instructions booklets (one for the real world build and one for the Upside Down build), there's also additional insider details about the show and its characters.

Since the Upside Down is just a spookier version of the real world, you are essentially assembling the same build twice. This might seem like it would get old fast, but the details throughout either world is what keeps LEGO builders and Stranger Things fans entertained throughout.

Post-Build Play

Once the build is complete you can choose to display and play with either world right-side up.

Stranger Things - Joyce Alphabet Lights

In the real world side, you've got the Byers' house. There's the front facade of the house with porch. Trees flank either side of the house and double as the base that elevates and holds the set up. You'll notice the windows also have paper covering them so no one can see what's going on inside. The real fun though is, of course, the interior of the house. Flip the set around to see the now iconic wall of alphabet Christmas lights that Joyce used to communicate with Will in the upside down, as well as some D&D details like a Mind Flayer drawing in the attic, a fantasy-type game rule book, and a wizard hat for "Will the Wise." There's also other details that reflect the 80s time period: boom box and Jaws-like poster.

The Upside Down gives the same world a dark treatment. An alternate dimension that parallels the real-world, LEGO brings this to life with vines everywhere and an overall grey, black, blue treatment that reflects the darker dimension. The only thing missing is the ash-like spores floating in the air.

Of course, this playset would not be complete without some essential other accessories and the characters. The set comes with a bunch of the show's main characters in LEGO minifigure form. There's Mike, Joyce, Lucas, Dustin and Hopper along with his Jeep. Then, we've also got Will, Eleven (the removable hair is a real highlight for this minifigure), and the Demogorgon.

Is It Fun?

While the theme of this set is obviously something Stranger Things fans are going to clamor for, the intricacies of the build will be equally appealing for LEGO fans. Once constructed, it's the little details of each piece that make it great for display. We especially love the nods to both the show and the 1980s, such as the JAWS-like poster on the bedroom wall as well as the completely necessary Missing Barb poster #justiceforbarb and Eleven's waffles. You can even pretend to communicate with Will (just like Joyce!) in the Upside Down using the wall of Christmas lights and the alphabet.

Who It’s For

This set is age graded for fans 16 and up. This is likely due to the focus you'll need to complete the build along with the content of the show. While the series does follow the adventures of a rag-tag group of kids, it's still pretty spooky and geared toward a more adult audience---i.e. the now-adults (read: kidults) that grew up in the 80s.

What To Be Aware Of

This set took us four hours to piece together.

The LEGO minifigures in this set are based on how the characters appeared in season one of the show. You'll also notice some characters missing such as Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan. Also, what about Barb?

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    1 cell battery required