Soft Plush Buddies Review (Moosh-Moosh)

Soft Plush Buddies
What It Is

Moosh-Moosh plush pillows are super soft, cuddly and the squishiest pal your child will love to snuggle with. They come in fun assortment of different animals for your little one to choose from in series 1,2 or 3. There's Ash the Dragon with a red soft body and gold horns, Finster the Clown Fish in his orange and white striped body and fin, Blossom the Caticorn in a gorgeous teal color, pink stripes and pink horn, Nibbler the Shark in pink and sharp stitched on teeth, and lastly, Twinkle the Unicorn in purple and rainbow cloth hair, purple horn and pink furry hair.

All the squishy pillows have stitched on facial features. One thing they all have in common are the white stitched stars in their eyes. None of them are machine washable, spot clean is the only way to wash your new buddies.

Is It Fun?

Each Moosh-Moosh measures approximately 12-inches. Also, kids will be able to snuggle, or even stack their new pet when collecting more. They're also great to use as a pillow since they are small enough for their heads and super comfortable.

Who It’s For

Moosh Moosh pillows are soft offering a comforting companion and they make a nice home decoration for a child's room. It's also nice since kid swill be bale to pick different animals since there are a few options available.

What To Be Aware Of
Each is sold separately.
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