Oh! Cup 12-ounce Silicone Cup Review (GoSili)

Oh! Cup 12-ounce Silicone Cup
What It Is

It may be just a cup and a lid, but it's the perfect design for toddlers learning to drink from a real cup. The Oh! Cup 12-ounce Silicone Cup is a spill-proof cup made from 100-percent silicone that allows kids to sip from any side. A textured grip on one side makes it easy for small hands to hold the cup, and thanks to its embedded steel ring, the cup won't collapse when gripped. The tight-fitting lid makes it easy to bring this cup on the go but still makes it easy for kids to drink from. And as your child gets older, just remove the lid and it becomes a regular cup. The cup is available in blue or pink.

Why Is It Useful?

This actually has a really interesting design. You can't tell just by looking at it, but the lid has small slits in it that open up to allow liquid through when kids are sipping from it. You don't get a whole lot of liquid coming out at once, but that's kind of the point for little kids. Parents will like that this is easy to clean, and if you're an eco-conscious parent, you'll like that the cup is made of silicone, not plastic. 

Who It’s For

There is no age-grading on this cup, but we think it's suitable for children ages 12 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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