Snap & Go Silicone Food-Catcher Bib Review (Green Sprouts)

Snap & Go Silicone Food-Catcher Bib
What It Is

If one bib gets messy, don't worry about it. You've got two more thanks to the Snap & Go Silicone Food Catcher Bib. You get three interchangeable easy-wear tops that snap onto a silicone scoop. The scoop is there to catch crumbs or spills, and if you're on the go, the scoop allows you to easily roll up the messy bib and keep that mess contained until you're home. Then, just unsnap the messy top, throw it in your laundry hamper to be machine washed later, easily rinse out the silicone scoop, and then snap on a clean top, and it's ready to go for another mealtime. 

The fabric tops come in a variety of boy, girl, or gender neutral designs, including aqua dinosaurs, aqua pirate, green safari, pink bee floral, and pink flower field. Each one has an adjustable Velcro neck closure, and is made from a soft material with a wicking layer to keep babies dry.

Why Is It Useful?

The design of this is very clever, with the ability to snap on and off the fabric tops, so you can easily use this one bib for all three meals of the day. The roll-up feature makes it easy to contain the mess while on the go, but even before the mess, you can roll up utensils or snacks to easily bring them with you. These also have an eco-friendly element to them that will appeal to parents who are concerned about what goes into their baby products.

Who It’s For

These bibs are for ages 6 months to 18 months.

What To Be Aware Of

The fabric tops are machine washable but the silicone scoop needs to be washed separately, and that is safe for use in the dishwasher or hand washing.

These bibs contain no PVC, no formaldehyde, and no azo dyes. The silicone scoop is made of a non-petroleum material.

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