Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home Spider-Jet Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home Spider-Jet
What It Is

Checkout the NEW Spider-Jet from Hasbro. This cool red and blue accented vehicle with spider logo makes this jet awesome in it's Spider-man design. It comes with one 6 inch Spider-man action figure which is posable at the head, arms, and legs. It also has two projectiles and a web tether for swinging action.  A clear cockpit door, super stealth wings and projectile launchers add to the awesome look. Simply load the launchers and press buttons on the wings to fire. The secret escape hatch under the ship is for Spiderman's quick exit and kids can tether Spider-Man to the ship and pull him up via the web tether tab in the back. Designed for ages 4 and up, this super ship is an awesome addition to the Spiderverse!

Is It Fun?

Kids imagine Spider-Man flying above the city and swinging by a web from his Spider-inspired jet. Inspired by the Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, kids can create all kinds of adventures for our web slinging hero.  Activate the escape hatch so Spider-Man can swing from his web below the jet and reel him back into the cockpit with the pull of a string. Kids can place a 6-inch figure in the cockpit to imagine the figure is piloting the jet. The Spider-Jet is sleek and has great details, and with two launchers, escape hatch with tether, and an awesome 6 inch Spider-Man figure all that is needed is an imagination for fun!

Who It’s For
Designed for ages 4 and up, this super fun air ship was inspired by the film Spider-Man Far From Home. Fans of the film and of all Spider-Man action figures will love this addition to the Spiderverse!
What To Be Aware Of

Look for other great new toys inspired by Spider-Man Far From Home coming soon from Hasbro!

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