Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Robot Review (Fisher-Price)

Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Robot
What It Is

The play-set itself looks like a giant version of kids' favorite space ranger. It sets up a fun adventure for your child already- battling Emperor Zurg! The Buzz Lightyear Robot comes equipped with a launcher in one arm with open ports for loading and firing and in the other hand a claw to pick up villains and drop them in jail, which is located in the left foot when opened up.  

A launch pad is also available for the Buzz Lightyear Figure to step into his Space Ranger Shuttle, which is removable for additional play. Also, kids can place Buzz (or other Imaginext figures) into the spaceship cockpit and turn the Power Pad to open wings or press the button on top of the shuttle. You'll need to use your own kid-power to launch this spaceship and blast off on your own imaginative adventures though. There are also more compartments on the back of the Buzz Robot and two compartments at the top of the arms to further the play.

Is It Fun?

This set is perfect for story-telling fun and recreating moments from the films . Buzz Lightyear fans will adore having a bigger sized Buzz at home. Also, Buzz and the alien can be easily stored in the space ship or foot for easy post-play cleanup.

Who It’s For

The Toy Story Imaginext Buzz Lightyear Robot is geared for children ages 3-8, but also great for children who are fans of Toy Story and particularly Buzz Lightyear.

What To Be Aware Of

This is not made for play on the go, and it will take up some space . Although there's a few fun things to do with the Robot, you may want to add more characters to amplify the fun. It does work with other Imaginext figures which are available and sold separately.

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