BlueSmart mia2 Review (BlueSmart Technology Corp.)

BlueSmart mia2
What It Is

Last year, the BlueSmart mia revolutionized tracking your baby's important milestones. Using a smart bottle sleeve that automatically transferred data to a free app, parents could track feeding (how much and how often), sleep, growth, and even photos. Now all of that is available in the BlueSmart mia2, which is essentially the same thing but it syncs up with the app using Bluetooth instead of wifi.

You still get a colorful silicone sleeve (either in blue or pink) that slips onto the bottom of a baby bottle. When you've got the bottle and sleeve on a flat surface, watch the tricolor bottle indicator lights to determine if the milk is too warm, too cold, or just right. You'll also receive a light-up indicator to let you know when the milk has been out for too long and needs to be discarded. When the "portion measured" light is lit, pick up the bottle and start feeding. A different light will light up if you've got the angle of the bottle wrong. Once your baby is done eating, you place the bottle back down on a flat surface and information about how much baby drank and the duration of the feeding will automatically be recorded into the app.

The original version had a voice control feature with the app. This one doesn't, but you can enable the BlueSmart skill for your Amazon Alexa device so that you can tell Alexa to add information into the BlueSmart mia app. There are a lot of things you can ask Alexa to do and not just for adding feeding information into the app. Use this Alexa skill for adding information about diaper changes, mealtime, naptime, nursing, pumping, and your child's milestones. 

The app also allows other caregivers to add information when baby is in their care, and you can check to see how your baby is doing throughout the day.

Why Is It Useful?

We still like the use of tech in this product to make a parent's life easier. And actually, the transmission of data to the app is a little more seamless with this version because of the Bluetooth. You don't have to remember to write anything down because the app and Alexa will do it for you. And when babysitters or other caregivers input the data, working parents can still be connected to what's going on at home through app updates.

Who It’s For

The BlueSmart mia 2 is for adult use only. It's designed to make it easier for busy parents to keep track of their baby's feedings and more. This will definitely appeal to tech-savvy parents.

What To Be Aware Of

This runs on a rechargeable battery. A charging plate and USB cable are included. 

The silicone sleeve is dishwasher-safe.

The smart sleeve works with a variety of bottles from Dr. Brown's, MAM, Munchkin, Medela, Playtex, Tommee Tippee, and more. Bottles are not included.

The original version of the BlueSmart mia connects to the app via wifi. It is sold separately for $69.99.

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