Nerf Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cheetah Beast Blaster Review (Hasbro)

Nerf Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cheetah Beast Blaster
What It Is

On the new Power Rangers Beast Morphers TV show, the Red Ranger has Cheetah DNA powers for super speed. Kids can pretend to morph like that, too, with the Nerf Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cheetah Beast Blaster. This blaster morphs from cheetah to blaster. It comes with three Nerf darts that fire one at a time. When you're ready to blast, turn the cheetah's feet to open its mouth and transform it into a blaster. Then pull back on the handle and push the trigger to fire. This can send darts flying 30 feet (and ours might have gone farther had walls and ceilings not been in the way). 

Is It Fun?

We were surprised by the power of this blaster. The darts definitely fly far, and that will be good news to Nerf fans. They'll like the transforming look of this blaster, its ease of use, and the ability to feel just like the Red Ranger when they play with it. This is a nice combination of Nerf play and roleplay for kids who like both.

Who It’s For

The Cheetah Beast Blaster is for Power Rangers fans ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions are hidden within the package, so don't throw it away until you retrieve the instruction sheet. They were actually a little confusing, but we figured it out.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Action Figures are also available and sold separately.

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