MilkSPA Breast Milk & Bottle Warmer Review (Dr. Brown's)

MilkSPA Breast Milk & Bottle Warmer
What It Is

Take the guesswork out of warming a baby bottle with the MilkSPA Breast Milk & Bottle Warmer. Twelve pre-programmed settings give you the right warming time, whether you're using plastic bottles, glass bottles, or milk storage bags; heating the milk from frozen; or just heating up two ounces. And it safely and quickly warms milk to body temperature in a gentle water bath that helps preserve the nutrients in breastmilk. 

First, fill the warmer base. There's a fill line so you don't put in too much. Whether you're using plastic bottles, glass bottles, or milk storage bags, you place the bottle or bag into the warming chamber and basket. Plug it in and use the function keys to select which vessel you're using, how much milk there is, and what the starting temperature is. There are pre-set warming times based on these criteria, but you can change the timer setting if you want. Then, press the "cycle start" button and the timer will count down until warming is finished. And what's really nice is that once the timer is done, the unit automatically shuts off - no overheating or forgetting to turn it off.

You can also use this to warm up baby food jars or food pouches.

Why Is It Useful?

While most of the packaging and instructions talk about breastmilk, you could use this for formula, too. The breastmilk emphasis is simply because of the nutrient preservation feature. We weren't able to test the claim of preserving nutrients, but the even and consistent warming follows CDC and USDA guidelines to best preserve nutrients in breastmilk, according to Dr. Brown's. 

But we were able to test the warming feature, and this bottle warmer is easy to use with a clear display screen that lets you see the options you've chosen. And we like that there are so many options to fit the needs of every parent.

Who It’s For

The MilkSPA is for adult use. Whether using bottles or breastfeeding, this warmer will be helpful to parents of infants. 

What To Be Aware Of

The MilkSPA includes a quick reference guide and two storage caps, one narrow and one wide neck.

This is not battery-operated. You'll need to place it within easy reach of a wall outlet.

It's recommended that you use distilled water in the warmer base.

When using with Dr. Brown's bottles, the internal vent system needs to be removed first.

In some instances, such as water overflowing or milk bag not fitting, you can remove the basket and just use the warming chamber.

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