Pre-Bot Wooden Robot & Book Review (Fiwi Toys LLC)

Pre-Bot Wooden Robot & Book
What It Is

The Pre-Bot Wooden Robot set comes with a Wooden Robot and book. The premise is to teach your kids how to set a good example for their very first robot. Pre-Bot is Timmy's first robot! Pre-Bot is very curious and learns by imitating his teacher's actions. Timmy (the boy in the book) soon discovers that setting an example is not all fun and games. With a great toy, comes great responsibility! Will Timmy be a good example, or will Pre-Bot prove to be more than he can handle? "The Pre-Bot Learns Not to Hurt" is the first release in the "Learning With Pre-Bot" book series. It's anti-bullying message focuses on identifying patterns that lead to bullying at an early age. 

Along with the valuable book your kids also gets their first Robot, just like in the story. The hope is to associate the two and continue what they learned from the book. Kids can use their imagination and think of ways that they can teach Pre-Bot by setting a good example right at home.

Is It Fun?

The information is clear and easy to understand for small children. It promotes positive interactions through accountability , which we need to teach early on to our kids. The illustrations in the book are eye-popping and it comes with the Pre-Bot, giving children a deeper connection to the lessons learned in the book!

Who It’s For

It's a great read for children ages 3 and up. The robot is made of colored blocks; blue, orange, red, yellow and green-- which can be a way to teach colors as well. Also, what makes the Pre-Bot Wooden Robot all around great, is that they're learning valuable lessons along the way.

What To Be Aware Of

Since younger kids most likely can't read, parents will have to help with reading and teaching them the concept of the robot.

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