Creative Cafe Frappe Maker Review (RoseArt)

Creative Cafe Frappe Maker
What It Is

Turn your kitchen into a coffee shop with the Creative Cafe Frappe Maker. This kit lets kids make their own fruity and slushy frappe creations in apple, mango, and strawberry cream flavors. 

Before you're ready to create, place the Frappe Maker mug in the freezer for at least 12 hours or overnight. Once it's frozen, then you fill the mug with milk or a milk substitute, scoop two spoonfuls of your chosen flavor into the mug, and mix the powder and milk together until no longer clumpy. This should take about one minute. When ice crystals start to form, use the spoon to scrape the sides of the mug, alternating mixing and scraping, until the mixture is a firm, slushy consistency. This part could take up to five minutes. Once you've got your slushy mixture, spoon it into the included Frappe cup, place the lid on top, and turn the spoon into a straw for eating.

You can do just one flavor at a time or create all three flavors and layer them for a rainbow frappe.

Is It Fun?

The end result is pretty cool, but getting there takes time and patience. After six minutes of stirring and scraping, your arm gets pretty tired, so even if your frappe isn't exactly the slushy consistency as shown on the packaging, you're done and ready to eat it. And making just one flavor doesn't fill the whole cup. If you're feeling hardcore about making the rainbow frappe, just know that you have to scrape and mix for three different flavors, so that's at least 15 minutes. You might want to have someone else help out to give your arms a break. The taste is okay. We think that strawberry will probably be the favorite among most kids.

Who It’s For

The Creative Cafe Frappe Maker is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This includes a Creative Cafe Frappe Maker, a reusable straw with removable spoon, a reusable cup with lid, apple flavor mix, mango flavor mix, and strawberry cream flavor mix. You'll need to provide your own milk or milk substitute.

The flavor mixes are manufactured in a facility that processes eggs, milk, soy, and wheat.

All of the components should be hand-washed before first use and after each use.

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