Flow Stretchy Baby Wrap Review (We Made Me)

Flow Stretchy Baby Wrap
What It Is

You and baby can go with the flow when you wear the Flow Stretchy Baby Wrap. Unlike other stretchy wraps on the market, the Flow's stretchy material won't sag after use and offers more support. Its flexible fabric shapes to fit the contours of your body, but it only stretches in one direction for comfort and lift. Plus, the Flow is made of a mesh material that is breathable so that parent and baby don't get too warm. 

The Flow is a very long wrap, and that makes it easy to adjust to your growing baby and to the wearer's body. It may look like one long piece of stretchy fabric, but when you wrap it around your body, you'll create shoulder straps and a support band for baby. The wrap gets pre-tied before putting baby in, which makes it a little easier to use. This can be used in the parent-facing position only.

The wrap comes in a mesh carrying bag that can also become a "day-out" pouch. It holds three diapers, a packet of wipes, and diaper cream, for instance. The wrist strap makes it easy to carry.

The Flow is available in charcoal grey, lavender, midnight black, or pebble.

Why Is It Useful?

In terms of elastic baby wraps, this one is very easy to put on, and the picture instructions make it clear what you're supposed to do. We like that this is easily adjustable for whoever is wearing it and to grow with your baby. We Made Me says this is ideal for the first nine months, but because it is adjustable, you could continue using it beyond that. Just keep in mind, it's an inward-facing baby carry only and older children tend to like looking out.

Who It’s For

This wrap can be used with babies from birth to 24 months weighing between eight and 35 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

The Flow is machine washable.

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