Sit & Soak Dual-Stage Tub Review (Munchkin)

Sit & Soak Dual-Stage Tub
What It Is

Keep baby secure and warm in the tub with the Munchkin Sit & Soak Dual-stage Tub. It's designed to keep even the littlest babies in an upright position during bathtime. There's an angled, padded backrest and a built-in support bump, plus a little bit of padding for underneath the tush. All of this keeps baby secure, comfy, and always within enough warm water. 

There's a max fill line printed on the backrest so you know when to stop filling the tub. And when it's time to drain, just lift up the sides of the pull-tab drain. Then, hang the tub to dry by its handle.

Six non-slip feet on the bottom of the Sit & Soak keep the tub secure within your bathtub.

Why Is It Useful?

This bathtub has a unique design that makes it work for both infants and older babies without having to remove or add anything. We like that the fill line is easy to see so you're not over- or underfilling. Baby gets just the right amount of warm water to keep him nice and warm, and that makes bath time more enjoyable for everybody.

Who It’s For

The Sit & Soak is for babies from birth to 12 months.

What To Be Aware Of

Always check the temperature of the water before placing baby in the tub.

The drain valve can be completely removed for cleaning. 

Even though you can hang this tub, it's still rather large. We can see it being hung from a shower caddy in the bathtub rather than hanging it in a closet.

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