Magellan 5-in-1 Car Seat Review (Maxi-Cosi)

Magellan 5-in-1 Car Seat
What It Is

If you want a car seat that's going to last for a long time (try 10 years), then you want the Magellan 5-in-1 Car Seat from Maxi-Cosi. It lasts so long because it goes from rear-facing seat to forward-facing seat to booster seat, accommodating babies and children from five pounds to 120 pounds.

Rear-facing mode is for babies from five to 40 pounds and 40 inches or less in height. Forward-facing mode is for babies between 22 and 65 pounds, 29 to 29 inches in height, and at least 1 year old. Booster seat mode is for children between 40 and 120 pounds and 43 to 57 inches in height. In all modes, the car seat features patented Air Protect side impact protection and self-wicking fabrics for a dry and comfortable yet warm and cozy ride.

For the youngest babies, there is a head pillow, back pillow, and small infant positioning pillow. These accessories provide extra security for an infant and can be removed once the child is big enough for the harness slots to be at or below his shoulders while still allowing you to achieve a snug harness fit.

The buckle harness and chest clip feature harness and buckle covers that provide comfort to baby, but these can be removed. Little slots on the side of the car seat hold the harness out of your way for easy in and out.

There is an adjustable headrest and harness - no harness rethreading required. This car seat also has an adjustable torso that you can slide up or down between three positions as your child grows. Plus there are seven recline positions, and you can find which ones are appropriate for whatever mode you're using by looking at the printed guide on the car seat's base. 

The car seat can be attached via LATCH (up to a certain weight limit for rear- and forward-facing) or using your car's seat belt. If using the seat belt, the car seat has built-in AutoLock features for both rear- and forward-facing installation. And when you switch to forward-facing mode, the car seat has a tether strap that hooks onto your car's tether anchors.

For booster seat mode, you remove the harness and store it in the seat's built-in storage pockets, and then install the seat via your vehicle's belts.

It's got two removable cup holders that are dishwasher safe. And the seat pad, headrest pad, and torso pad are all removable and machine washable.

This car seat is available in five color schemes: Night Black, Emerald Tide, Violet Caspia, Blue Opal, or Midnight Slate.

Why Is It Useful?

With three different modes, this could be the only car seat you need. We've never seen a car seat with an adjustable torso, and that combined with the other easy adjustments and repositionings definitely make this a car seat that will grow with your child. There are enough safety and function features to appease moms and dads, and comfort measures for babies and kids.

Who It’s For

This car seat can be used with children from five to 120 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

Adjusting the recline was a little difficult. I felt like my hand was too small to get a good grip on the handle. With a little bit of practice, it got easier.

I also had trouble storing one of the LATCH connectors after they both had been removed.

This is certified for use in an aircraft when used with the internal harness. It cannot be used in booster mode because airplanes don't have shoulder belts.

The LATCH system is designed to make installing the car easier, however, it all comes down to your car and following the installation instructions. If you are concerned about your car seat's installation, find a local car seat safety check. Most are free or require a donation.

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