Squeezamals Freeze 'N' Squeeze Game Review (Big G Creative)

Squeezamals Freeze 'N' Squeeze Game
What It Is

The Squeezamals Freeze N' Squeeze comes with an exclusive Squeezamal, 1 spinner, 24 coins, and 5 banana split tiles. It allows for 4 to 8 players to play in each round. 

The object of the game is to have the most coins at the end of the game. The spinning player's goal is to make the Banana Split. Each time the Spinner lands on the banana split photo they flip over a banana split tile- starting with number 1. When players have gathered enough tiles to make a banana split, they must shout "Freeze!" The Passing Players start passing the Squeezamal clockwise around the circle- skipping the Spinning Player. When the Spinning player yells "Freeze," stop passing. Whoever is holding the Squeezamal has to pay for the Banana Split. That player takes a coin and places it in the middle.

To start a new round, pass the Spinner and Banana Split tiles to the left and that player is the Spinning player in the new round. When one player runs out of coins, the game ends. The other players count up their remaining coins- the player with the most coins wins. If there is a tie, all players with the most coins win.

Is It Fun?

Perfectly designed for children 6 years of age and up making it easy for kids to understand. Teaches kids to be patient and be a bit strategic . Each game has an exclusive Squeezemal to collect.

Who It’s For

Children will enjoy this version of the classic hot potato game. It keeps children on their toes and entertained. It also makes for a perfect kids' party since many players can play at once.

What To Be Aware Of

I would recommend parent supervision for the first round to make sure it's played correctly.

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