Ryan's World Head Splat Review (Far Out Toys)

Ryan's World Head Splat
What It Is

Use your head or get wet with Ryan's World Head Splat. In this game, players are challenged to catch a water balloon in their hat without breaking the balloon. If the balloon breaks, you get wet. 

How it all works is there's a special hat, and attached to the hat is a string. You can adjust the string to make it easier or harder. Once you have some balloons filled with water, attach one balloon to the hook at the end of the string. Then, you have to wear the hat and take the challenge. The hat is adjustable to fit different head sizes. Bend down and use your head to swing the balloon up. You've got to keep trying until the balloon either safely lands in your cup, scoring you one point, or pops on the rim. Then, it's the next player's turn. Keep playing until one player reaches five points or is the last to remain without getting head splatted. 

Is It Fun?

We never successfully landed a balloon in the cup without it breaking, but the whole point of playing with water balloons is the risk of getting wet, so I don't think any of us really "lost" the game. We liked the element of suspense, but the game does require some skill. It can be tricky, especially for younger kids, to land the balloon in the cup. Even when we tried adjusting the string, all of the movement of the hat jostled the string so that it never stayed at the set length. If you find that the balloons are constantly breaking and no one seems to be "winning", just change up the rules of the game. 

The other thing with this game is that only one person can play at a time, and depending on that person's skill level, it could take awhile before the balloon lands in the cup or breaks. While it is fun to cheer the player on and wait to see what happens, the other players are just standing around waiting. This is probably a game better played with two to three players as opposed to a large group of kids just to cut down on the waiting time in between turns.

Who It’s For

This is for ages 5 and up, and will appeal mainly to kids who like Ryan.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with a Head Splat hat that will need to be assembled, an adjustable balloon cord, and 24 balloons.

The adjustable balloon cord is a good idea, but it never seemed to stay in place during play.

The water balloons should only be filled to between 3 and 3.5 inches in diameter. You can use a water bottle with a squirt top if you don't have a hose or the right faucet opening.

A Ryan's World Splash Outgame is also available and sold separately.

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