Toy Story 4 Character Bean Plush Review (Just Play)

Toy Story 4 Character Bean Plush
What It Is

 Collect all available characters shown here including: Buzz Lightyear suited up in his legendary spacesuit, Woody in his cowboy outfit, Bo Peep in her classic outfit, and Forky, a spork arts-and-crafts project turned favorite toy of  Bonnie and a new character to the Toy Story 4 film. Also, available is Bunny, not shown here. Each plush is made with perfect character details from the film. The clothing is printed on, meaning none of the clothing is removable. They're all soft and come in cuddly fabrics!

Is It Fun?

Each comes in a fun collectible size to travel with . They  make cuddling  much more fun. Children can act out the adventures from the film or create their own and it's straight-forward play for those who enjoy plush toys.

Who It’s For

Any one of these, or all of them, makes a great gift for children who enjoy the franchise and want to take a piece of the magic home with them. There's also bonus tactile, fidgety play to the toys. They are also nice for Disney toy collectors.

What To Be Aware Of

We can see the toys easily getting dirty since it's only spot clean. 

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