Marvel Avengers Endgame Domez Collectible Mini's Series 1 Review (Jazwares)

Marvel Avengers Endgame Domez Collectible Mini's Series 1
What It Is

Avengers: Endgame may be the end of one Marvel Cinematic Universe saga, but the fun doesn't have to end when you collect favorite characters in the Marvel Avengers Endgame Domez Collectible Mini's Series 1. There are nine mini action figures to collect in this series, each one displayed in a clear dome. Open up the blind bag packaging to find out which one is inside. You might find Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Thanos, Black Widow, Ronin, Hulk, Nebula, or the rare chase character. You can see the list of characters on the back of the bag. 

Each character figure features a dynamic pose and is styled to look like the character as seen in the movie, from clothing to accessories. The figures don't come out of the domes, but the domes do connect so you can stack and display your entire Avengers Domez collection.

Is It Fun?

Because the figures can't be removed from the domes, there's not a whole lot of playability here. These figures are more about collecting and displaying, which some younger fans might like. That's definitely going to be fun for older fans, though.

Who It’s For

The Avengers Domez are for ages 8 and up. These will be fun for young fans of the movie to collect, but we can see adults wanting to collect and display these, too.

What To Be Aware Of

These figures do not come out of the domes.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Collectibility