Invidyo World's Smartest Video Baby Monitor Review (Invidyo)

Invidyo World's Smartest Video Baby Monitor
What It Is

Today's video baby monitors are all about making it easier for parents to keep tabs on their child, even when the parents are at work or out on a date night. The Invidyo World's Smartest Video Baby Monitor provides you with all the high-tech features you need to monitor your baby, and then some you probably never knew you needed.

This baby monitor syncs up with a free app, allowing you to easily and conveniently watch baby right from your phone. One of the main features of this monitor is Smart Facial Recognition. The monitor will detect faces and allow you to label known faces, such as yourself and your babysitter, while alerting you to the presence of strangers. And during your child's day, the camera will capture photos of your child smiling and save them to your personal "Smile Photo Album" for sharing with friends and family.

The app is easy to use, and with the camera's 130-degree wide-angle lens, you'll be able to see the entire room. The camera can be placed on a flat surface or mounted to the wall. But if you do need to change the viewing angle, just swipe the screen to pan or tilt the camera. Advanced Nightvision means you'll be able to see your child just as clearly at night as during the day.

You can even use the app to talk to your child or caregiver through the camera, or if your baby needs extra soothing, play one of the built-in lullabies.

And the app will monitor your child's room temperature, in Celsius or Fahrenheit, to ensure that the temperature doesn't go above or below your set thresholds.

Any time there is a noise, motion, temperature change, face recognition, etc., you get an instant notification right on your phone so that you always know what's happening, even when you're not right there.

Why Is It Useful?

The facial recognition technology is definitely useful if you have an at-home caregiver, and you want to keep tabs on what's happening at home while you're away. Of course, unless you relegate the nanny and your child to only one room for the whole day, you'll have to purchase and set up multiple cameras around the house to detect if any strangers have entered. If you're just looking for a baby monitor to help you track baby during naptime and bedtime, then you don't really need the facial recognition, and the monitor will not track your baby's smiles because your baby will be asleep. It is fun, however, to watch the sped-up daily summary videos to see just what your kid got up to when she was supposed to be asleep. I also like that unlike with other baby monitor apps, this one gives you the option to continue listening in on your phone instead of only notifying you if there is sound or movement. (This will drain battery life, though.)

Who It’s For

This baby monitor can be used by parents to monitor their children from ages birth and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Invidyo includes a quick setup guide, a 5V USB power adapter, a 3m USB cable, and wall mount screws.

Keeping the monitor "live" on your phone does drain battery, so make sure that your phone has a full charge or remains plugged in during naptime or overnight.

When you swipe the app screen to pan or tilt the camera, you have to wait a second for the camera to respond, and it can make it difficult to get the viewing angle right on the first try.

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