BandoBib Infinity Scarf Drool Bib and GoBib Review (Bazzle Baby)

BandoBib Infinity Scarf Drool Bib and GoBib
What It Is

Whether you've got a drooly baby or a hungry baby, you'll want bibs that are comfortable for baby to wear and absorb every drop. Bazzle Baby makes two styles of bibs to catch the drool and the food messes with its BandoBib Infinity Scarf Drool Bib and its GoBib. 

The BandoBib is made of a stretchy cotton with snap closures to make it easy to get the bib on and off. Because it sits close to baby's skin, it actually looks more like a scarf than a bib. That closeness absorbs every drop of drool and it can provide extra warmth during cooler weather. They're available as a two-pack with multiple patterns, such as Night Sky and Pen Lines that we're showing in our video review.

And if you're eating at home or on the go, you can use the GoBib. It's got a large pocket in the front to catch messes, and you can fold it into itself for mess-free portability. Plus, it has a built-in clip to make it easy to hang the bib from a stroller or diaper bag. The machine washable fabric has an adjustable Velcro neck closure and comes in a variety of patterns, such as Space Cadet, the one we're showing in our video review. You get two GoBibs in one pack.

Why Is It Useful?

We like the style of these bibs and think they'll definitely come in handy for babies at all ages and stages. The BandoBibs help prevent your baby's clothing from getting wet and uncomfortable, while the GoBibs make it easy to keep your eater neater both at home and on the go. The folding into a pouch thing with the GoBib is a pretty cool feature.

Who It’s For

The BandoBibs are for ages birth to 2, while the GoBibs are for ages 6 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It was a little confusing figuring out how to snap the BandoBib.

There are instructions for how to flip the GoBib inside out on the Bazzle Baby website.

Both the two-pack of BandoBibs and the two-pack of GoBibs are $12.99.

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