MEGA Construx Pokemon Detective Pikachu Mr. Mime, Lickitung, and Loudred Construction Sets Review (MEGA)

MEGA Construx Pokemon Detective Pikachu Mr. Mime, Lickitung, and Loudred Construction Sets
What It Is

Build some of your favorite characters from the new Pokemon movie through the MEGA Construx Pokemon Detective Pikachu construction toy lineup. These are buildable and poseable figures, and characters include Mr. Mime, Lickitung, and Loudred. Each is sold separately. 

Mr. Mime is a 70-piece set. When you're done building, you have a poseable Mr. Mime figure on a gray display base. You can remove the figure from the base and play out all sorts of scenes and pose Mr. Mime in all sorts of poses thanks to the figure's moving head, arms, and legs.

Lickitung comes with 84 pieces for building the pink Pokemon character, complete with long, rubbery tongue. This character's display base is tan with a few additional brick elements. The figure has a moving head, arms, legs, and tail.

And Loudred can be built using 89 pieces. This figure stands on a green display base with gray brick elements. It features the character's wide open mouth with peg-like teeth and loudspeaker-style ears. This one has moving legs, arms, and ears. 

Is It Fun?

Any of these buildable figures will be fun for kids who like construction toys and Pokemon. Because the figures are poseable, it's almost like building an action figure. And the moving parts allow kids to create different poses and play out the action from the movie. These will inspire imaginative play for young Pokemon fans, and they might also be fun collectibles for older fans.

Who It’s For

The Detective Pikachu construction sets are for fans of the new movie ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each of these sets took us five minutes to assemble.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy