Scout and About Rope Toys Review (P.L.A.Y.)

Scout and About Rope Toys
What It Is

P.L.A.Y.'s Scout & About Rope Toys are designed to make playtime twice the fun. Each of these rope toys have dual features. For example, the Tug Ball Rope Toy has an easy-to-grip rope handle at one end with a rope ball on the other end. Likewise, the Honeycomb Rope Toy is not only designed for fetch and Tug-A-War, but allows treats to be hidden inside its woven crevices to exercise your pet's mind.

Is It Fun?

My youngest pup just loved playing with these rope toys. He enjoyed tossing them around and then sitting there for hours just chewing on them. These were certainly some of his favorite toys. He also wanted to get in, of course, the occasional tug-of-war. Plus, they seem to hold up pretty well to his rough-and-tumble play. Rocky, being a senior dog, on the other hand, had no real desire to play with these rope toys if only to not let Lokie play with them. I really like that these toys come in two different sizes and have an all rope design. Nope, no plastic here! However, I love that they can be used outdoors as well as are machine washable, while is important for those clean freaks like me.

Who It’s For

These rope dog toys are pawfect for pups of all ages and sizes! They are especially ideal for rambunctious play time with furiends.

What To Be Aware Of

All of the rope toys in this collection are available in two sizes. They also are made with certified non-toxic and AZO-free dyes that are ultra-durable and braided high-tensile strength cotton rope.

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  • People Fun

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