Ryan's World Activities Review (Orb)

Ryan's World Activities
What It Is

Don't just watch Ryan on YouTube. Create your own Ryan adventures with a lineup of activity toys based on Ryan ToysReview. The Ryan's World activity toys give kids the opportunity to design their own worlds for Ryan and create works of art featuring Ryan and other characters from the YouTube channel. 

Ryan's Red Titan Adventure Pad is an activity booklet with 10 pages that each feature a different world or scene. Use the 36 reusable stickers to add favorite characters to each scene. There's Gus, Combo Panda, and Ryan dressed up in different costumes. This is for ages 3 and up.

Ryan's World Sticky Mosaics lets kids ages 5 and up complete four mosaic-inspired pictures of Ryan, Gus, Baby T-Rex, and Moe. You get 1,744 sticky tiles, and the whole process is sort of like paint-by-number. Each tile is assigned a number. Use the numbers on the picture to determine where the tiles go. When you're done, you have a cool textured picture to display using the included display stand or three hanging tags.

Ryan's Sticki Mix-Upz is an activity kit for ages 5 and up with eight different projects to complete using 128 sticker tiles. The sticker tiles are all out of order on the sticker sheets. But each sticker is numbered. Match the stickers to a board by number or by picture. You'll end up creating sticker images of Ryan, Combo Panda, Gus, and more, or you can create a mixed-up character by matching the numbers of different sticker sheets to the same board.

Is It Fun?

Each one of these toys provides a different way for kids to engage with Ryan. Through the adventure pad, there are storytelling opportunities, and it would be fun for play on the go. Sticky Mosaics is a fun arts and crafts project. And Sticki Mix-Upz works on number matching and creativity. For young fans of Ryan ToysReview on YouTube, this lineup of toys gives them a way to engage with the young star away from the computer screen.

Who It’s For

The lineup of Ryan's World activity toys ranges in age from 3 and up to 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each of these products is sold separately, and all retail for $9.99.

Neither Sticki Mix-Upz or Sticky Mosaics come with instructions. For Sticky Mosaics, there's a key on the back of the box to let you know which number goes with which tile, so don't throw the box away.

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