MEGA Construx Pokemon Detective Pikachu Construction Sets Review (MEGA)

MEGA Construx Pokemon Detective Pikachu Construction Sets
What It Is

Help Pikachu solve the case by building replica scenes from the new Detective Pikachu movie. The MEGA Construx Pokemon Detective Pikachu toy lineup includes a variety of construction sets that bring the characters and scenes from the live-action Pokemon movie to life. You can build Hi-Hat Cafe, Detective Pikachu Office, and Detective Pikachu. Each is sold separately.

Hi-Hat Cafe comes with 328 pieces for building Ryme City's most popular location. This is where Ludicolo serves up smiles 24 hours a day. The set includes Ludicolo and Detective Pikachu figures that are buildable and poseable. Plus, you build a coffee station with backsplash, a counter with stool, and accessories to help set the scene, such as cups, plates, and glasses. There's actually an action feature that causes any cups and plates stacked on the coffee station shelf to spill.

Help Pikachu investigate Harry Goodman's office when you build the 183-piece Detective Pikachu Office set. There's a lot to explore on the desk, such as two opening drawers and a computer. Pikachu can even spin the desk chair. Don't forget to open the briefcase; there may be books inside. And is that a piece of paper in the trash can? The wall element has window bricks with blinds painted on them, and there are two filing cabinet drawers to open. Additional decor includes a coat rack, a map, ribbons, and a plant. The buildable and poseable Detective Pikachu figure carries a magnifying glass.

For more specific play with Pikachu, there's the 271-piece Detective Pikachu construction set, which allows you to build a 6.42-inch Pikachu model. The figure wears a removable detective's hat and holds a magnifying glass. When you turn Pikachu's head, his arm will raise up so that it looks like he's looking through the magnifying glass.

Is It Fun?

Pokemon fans who also like to build construction sets will have fun recreating favorite scenes from the new movie and bringing to life favorite Pokemon in new ways. The poseability of each figure and the other moving parts to the sets bring some action to the play and also allow collectors to create dynamic displays.

Who It’s For

The Hi-Hat Cafe and Detective Pikachu Office construction sets are for Pokemon fans ages 6 and up. But the Detective Pikachu set is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Hi-Hat Cafe retails for $29.99 and took us 30 minutes to put together. Detective Pikachu Office retails for $19.99 and took us 25 minutes to assemble. Detective Pikachu retails for $24.99 and took us 30 minutes to build.

The instructions for Detective Pikachu are a tad confusing. There are several pages of addendums to the printed instructions, and those addendums tell you to not use the spring-loaded piece for the tail. We're not sure why because a spring-loaded tail is supposed to be one of the key features of the model, as shown on the box. Maybe you can rebuild it the original way with the extra pieces left over, but it is difficult to take apart once it's built.

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    Medium Difficulty