100% Extra Small Clay Kits Review (Fashion Angels)

100% Extra Small Clay Kits
What It Is

Kids can create an entire menu of clay food with any one of these kits such as; cupcakes, birthday cake, pizza, spaghetti, donuts, tacos, pancakes, candy, sushi, burger and fries. Each kit features a different treat for you to form using the air-dry clay in the box. Easy to follow instructions result in realistic looking meals ready to place on the included tiny plates and trays. 

For instance, the cupcake kit also includes colored clay, carving tool, plate, cupcake wrappers, a stand, milk bottle, napkin and an accessory sheet. 

You can decorate your mini cupcakes how you like. The instructions are there to help guide, but children will be able to mix colors to make it extra festive.

With the mini cupcake kit we tested, the first step is portioning your clay so each mini cupcake has the same amount of clay. After that, mold your cupcake base and start packing on the clay frosting and clay sprinkles. Once you've created your mini cupcakes, cut out the paper accessories and display your creation!

Is It Fun?

The clay kits offer hours of creative fun and skill. Kids can imagine being a bakery chef or having a small party with friends and it can also make for a perfect stocking stuffer or Easter basket addition .

Who It’s For
Children who enjoy arts and crafts will get a real kick out of molding their own foods as they can follow the instructions or use their imaginations to create what they want. 
What To Be Aware Of

100% Extra Small Clay kits are for children ages 8 and up. Each kit is sold separately.

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