Micro Arcade Games Review (Super Impulse)

Micro Arcade Games
What It Is

Classic video game players, think small for some big fun and check out the Micro Arcade Game versions of Pac-Man and Tetris. These are two of the world's most popular video games and now they'll fit in the palm of your hand. I am of the perfect age to have enjoyed the arrival of Pac-Man in the arcades and Tetris in the dorm rooms. I spent a lot of quarters on Pac-Man and had a lot of weird dreams because of Tetris. Let's start with Pac-Man. An icon of the 80s, Pac-Man was everywhere. There were cartoons, there were songs, but mostly there was the video game where we raced around mazes eating power-pellets and battling ghosts. The Micro Arcade version looks and sounds exactly as it did nearly 40 years ago. The same is true for Tetris. By the late 80s Tetris was everywhere, but mostly on Nintendo's Gameboy and the home entertainment system (NES). We were all obsessed with getting these shapes to perfectly fit into row, after row, after row. Both of these games are still popular and these Micro Arcade versions are great. I've played with many miniature video games and I believe these are the best so far. Although my aging eyes have to struggle a little bit with the smaller screens, it's worth it. Not only do the games look great, but they are perfectly responsive to every move I make. Each game includes a USB charger and can be played with or without sound. They are sold separately and are recommended for ages six and up.

Is It Fun?
Yes. Classic gamers and newbies will love the gameplay and appreciate the responsiveness of these games.  
Who It’s For
Classic gamers, new gamers, Tetris obsessors and those stricken with Pac-Man fever, ages six and up.  
What To Be Aware Of
Screens are small, so wear your glasses! 
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