Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series
What It Is

Bring to life the characters and action from the new Marvel Avengers: Endgame movie with Hasbro's lineup of Titan Hero Series action figures. The lineup includes Power FX figures with special accessories that activate sounds and phrases, Deluxe Titan Hero Series figures, and regular 12-inch figures. The Power FX accessories work with all figures in the lineup.

In order to get a Power FX accessory, you'll need to purchase one of the Titan Hero Series Power FX figures. Those characters include Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Captain America. Each action figure, sold separately, has poseable arms, legs, and heads. And their Power FX accessories double as projectile launchers. Attach the Power FX pack to the back or arm of the figure, and push the button to launch. Character-specific sounds and phrases will play when you press the button, too.

The Deluxe figures include Hulk, Thanos, and Marvel's War Machine. These don't come with Power FX packs, but they do have space for attaching one on their backs and arms. These figures are a little bulkier than the others, and they have poseable heads, arms, wrists, and legs. And War Machine has three extra accessory pieces that can be added to his arms and shoulder.

You can also collect regular 12-inch Titan Hero Series action figures in the characters Captain America and Black Widow. The two of these are compatible with Power FX packs via ports on their backs and arms. You can pose their legs, arms, and heads. Captain America comes with a separate shield accessory.

Is It Fun?

For most of these figures, they're dressed in their new Endgame outfits, so even if you already have a Captain America, for instance, you'll want to collect him in the new outfit from the movie. And if you have the Titan Hero figures from the last movie, the Power FX packs are all still compatible, which is really nice. We like the different looks, sizes, and styling of all three types of figures, and with the added sounds and phrases, these will really be great for imaginative play and storytelling. The facial sculpts are not the greatest for some characters (we're looking at you Black Widow and Captain Marvel), so that may be a detriment to some older fans wanting to collect these. We don't think it will be an issue with younger kids who just want to play with their favorite superheroes.

Who It’s For

The Titan Hero Series figures are for fans of the new movie ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

All of the Titan Hero Series action figures are sold separately.

The Power FX packs each contain three button cell batteries.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy