Marvel Avengers: Endgame LEGO Sets Review (LEGO)

Marvel Avengers: Endgame LEGO Sets
What It Is

Help the Avengers take their final stand against Thanos in the new Marvel Avengers: Endgame movie and with LEGO construction sets based on the movie. There are multiple sets to collect and build, and each one is sold separately.

War Machine Buster is a 362-piece set that recreates a battle between two Outriders and Ant-Man and War Machine. You get minifigures of all four characters, and the Avengers minifigures feature the all-new team suit decoration. Ant-Man and War Machine both have two facial expressions underneath their removable helmets, but there's only one extra hairpiece. (Don Cheadle doesn't have much hair, so we're guessing you can just use the hairpiece for Paul Rudd.) The front of War Machine's helmet can be popped up. And then you get to build the poseable War Machine Buster mech suit that features an opening cockpit, six-stud shooter, two detachable stud-shooting cannons, two flick missiles, gripping hands, and an opening storage compartment for extra ammo. 

Over the series of Marvel movies, Tony Stark has created a variety of Iron Man suits. And now you can build a lab and test out different suits with the Iron Man Hall of Armor. This 524-piece set features a modular lab that can be combined and stacked in different ways. Help Stark suit up on the rotating podium with two poseable robotic arms. There's also a bank of computer screens and fire elements for the robotic fire extinguisher to put out. The minifigures include Iron Man MK1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41, and Iron Man MK 50, plus a suit mech with an opening cockpit. No matter which suit you choose, you get Tony Stark face and hair elements to add to your suit. You can flip open the helmets of any suit to get a look at one of Stark's two facial expressions.

Fly into battle with the Avengers Ultimate Quinjet. This 838-piece set includes minifigures of two Chitauri, Rocket, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Thor. Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Thor all have two facial expressions. Each figure, wearing its new-for-2019 uniform detail, comes with weapon accessories, including blasters, a bow and arrow, energy sticks, and an axe. But the main part of this is the Quinjet model, which features an opening cockpit, an opening passenger compartment with two minifigure seats and weapon racks, an opening rear compartment with fold-out rapid six-stud shooter, two regular stud shooters, and adjustable wings and spinning rotors. There's also a separate trike for Hawkeye to ride with two stud shooters.

And finally, there's the 699-piece Avengers Compound Battle set. In this set, it's a battle against Thanos and an Outrider. Teaming up for the fight are minifigures of Nebula, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel with a tiny figure of Ant-Man and a larger Hulk figure. Iron Man's helmet flips up to reveal one of his two facial expressions, and Captain Marvel has two facial expressions, too. Weapons for the figures include a sword, a battle axe, power bursts, and repulsor beams. The rest of the set includes a two-level Avengers office building with helipad, working garage door, and helicopter and offroader vehicle that can be stored in both locations. The helicopter has a rapid-fire six-stud shooter, while the offroader has two stud shooters. You'll also find that the compound's roof has two dual stud shooters and a rotating, tilting spring-loaded shooter. The interior of the compound is decorated with an upstairs meeting room (table, chairs, and cups), a rotating computer downstairs, and a laser-beam safe. We built ours with Thanos' gauntlet inside, but you can attach the gauntlet to Thanos' arm if you want. While the gauntlet is included and there is space on it for all the infinity stones, only two stones are included.

Is It Fun?

Each of these sets has a lot of great details that fans of the new movie will really appreciate. Whether you're building these to keep out on display or you want to play out the action from the movie, there's going to be something here to please you. The minifigures look really nice, and there are lots of moving parts for posing and action-packed play.

Who It’s For

War Machine Buster and  Iron Man Hall of Armor are for ages 7 and up. Avengers Ultimate Quinjet and the Avengers Compound Battle are for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took TTPM's Master Builder 35 minutes to build War Machine Buster, 55 minutes to build the Iron Man Hall of Armor, one hour and 45 minutes for the Quinjet, and one hour and 30 minutes for the Compound Battle. The instructions were easy to follow.

War Machine Buster retails for $34.99, Iron Man Hall of Armor retails for $59.99, the Avengers Ultimate Quinjet retails for $79.99, and the Avengers Compound Battle retails for $99.99.

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