Artie 3000 Review (Educational Insights)

Artie 3000
What It Is

Say hello to Artie 3000, a code-able drawing robot. Designed to make learning to code fun and highly creative for kids, Artie is even the very first MENSA certified robotics toy. Right out of the box, Artie comes ready to draw with pre-programmed designs, shapes, and games. He can be controlled from a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet and no internet connection is required since he has his own built-in wifi, like a printer.

To start playing with Artie, first thing you'll need to do is turn him on. His on/off switch is located inside his head. Think of it kind of like turning on his brain. Here, you'll also find a slot to insert a marker of your choice. You'll also want to place him on a sheet of paper before starting. He’ll need to be at the center of any paper you use. Then simply connect to his WiFi and use your tablet or computer to program him. You can either head to the web to access his interface or use the free-to-download app. Once here, you can teach Artie to draw your code creations by simply dragging and dropping blocks of code to tell him how and what to draw. This will program him to move forward, backward, turn, and repeat. Kids can even test their code/ program on the online simulator. When ready press play to watch him go to work as he draws what you programmed.

Is It Fun?

I found this little robot offers a very fun way to learn about coding without being too intimidating. The coding activities and programs offer a good starting point to spark curiosity in kids of all learning levels. The other nice thing about Artie is that for kids that already have experience using common school programs such as Blockly, he works with a variety of other apps as well. This includes JavaScript, Blockly, and Python. For those that also want a more visual approach, you can use the mouse and keyboard arrows to control Artie's directional movements and point-and-click to draw an onscreen picture for Artie to draw in real life. That being said, set up and connectivity can be a bit challenging like connecting to WiFi so parental guidance might be needed.

Who It’s For

Artie is designed for coders 7 and up. He is also great for kids who are interested in coding as well as math and science. He is great for kids who love robots as well. 

What To Be Aware Of

Artie 3000 comes with 4 colorful markers, 3 lessons from easy to hard and a quick start guide. Parents and educators can also find more lessons and project ideas on He also requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included, but no internet connection/ wifi is needed since he has his own safe & secure built-in WiFi server.

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