Bellz! Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

Are you looking for a fun, simple, yet challenging game? Then you'll love Bellz!, from Spin Master. Bellz! is a skill-and-action game for two to four players, ages six and up. The game includes one magnetic wand, 40 bells, and one storage case that doubles as the game arena. Gameplay is simple and you'll be playing within minutes of opening the game. There are four colors and each player should choose one. Then, take turns in an attempt to pick up your bells. The first player to pick up all of their bells is the winner. If you pick up another color, all of the bells picked up on that turn must be returned to the arena. You cannot use your hands but you may use the wand to try to move some bells around and free up your desired color. Magnets are fun and kids love playing with them. Bellz! is a fun game. It's simple yet challenging, and players of all ages will enjoy it. There may be less repeat play than some other kids' games, but that will all depend on how much you and your family love magnets.  

Is It Fun?

Yes. Kids, ages six and up, will enjoy using the wand to pick up their magnets while not attracting the other ones.  

Who It’s For

Skill-and-action game players, magnet lovers and bell enthusiasts, ages six and up.

What To Be Aware Of
This game contains magnets.  
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  • Repeat Play

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