Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core Review (Ravensburger)

Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core
What It Is

If you're tired of playing as the same old Disney villains, then try something new with the Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core game. This is a stand-alone game, but it can also be added to other Disney Villainous games to add additional players or explore new rivalries. 

The three villains in this version are Hades (from Hercules), Dr. Facilier (from The Princess and the Frog), and Evil Queen (from Snow White). Each villain has a different objective, and it's up to you to explore your character's unique abilities and figure out the best way to achieve that objective. So make sure you read through your villain's Villain Guide to understand the specific ways you can play for that character. For example, Hades needs to start his turn with at least three Titans at Mount Olympus to win. So you've got to play Titan cards to The Underworld and move them across the realm to Mount Olympus. But opponents may play Fate Cards to trap Titans so that they can't be moved or used to defeat Heroes.

Players take turns moving their sculpted villain movers to a location on their own game boards and performing an action that's available there. Each board has four locations from the villain's movie, and each location has symbols representing the actions you can take there. If all four actions are showing, you can play all four if you can. You might be able to gain power tokens, play a card from your hand, activate an item or ally, move an item or ally, move a hero, vanquish a hero, discard cards from your hand, or play a Fate card to your opponent's realm. 

If you choose to play a Fate card, you'll reveal two cards from the top of that opponent's Fate deck and choose one to play. The other gets discarded. 

Once your turn ends, draw cards from your Villain deck so that you always have four cards in your hand.

Is It Fun?

Our video review provided a pretty brief overview of the gameplay, and with so many pages of instructions, we highly recommend reading through everything and even playing a practice round first to get your bearings. If you're already familiar with the original Disney Villainous game, then this version will be familiar to you. You'll like the addition of new villains to play, as well as incorporating those villains into the original game. And as with the original Villainous, the artwork and game pieces are really wonderful and almost like collector's pieces. This is all about thinking strategically and experiencing events from classic Disney movies in a new way. Disney fans who enjoy these types of games will like immersing themselves in the rich content and gameplay.

Who It’s For

The Wicked to the Core expansion is for two or three players ages 10 and up. Disney fans will especially enjoy this one.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes three boards, three villain movers, 90 villain cards, 45 fate cards, 42 tokens, three reference cards, three villain guides, and instructions.

There are 15 pages of instructions for this game, plus an additional page about mixing games and three pages for reference and frequently asked questions.

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